The accounting course

has been redefined by Skillshort. We at Skillshort possess great expertise in educating individuals in one of the most demanding subjects, accounting, and also making them job-ready.

With our multiple types of accounting courses that include valuable practical-based learning, learners will get the best insight and

Know About Our Faculties

To ensure that you are learning from the masterminds, we hire only the best teachers and working professionals.

  • Our team has seasoned CA professionals who will provide you with extensive knowledge in handling accounts.
  • The faculty is made up of professionals from the industry, and educators who have a strong background in the real world and a love of teaching.
  • Our instructors are committed to helping you succeed in the fast-paced world of finance by developing your accounting skills and upholding an exceptional standard.

About Our Institute
Location and Values

Skillshort is known as one of the best accounting institutions in Kolkata providing both online and offline classes for students. Our institution is situated at the prime point in Kolkata at Sobhabazar, Minto Park area so students can easily access multiple transport methods to reach us.

Our institution is dedicated to providing a motivating learning environment where every individual can thrive with great knowledge. We are offering two courses Accounts Ready and Account Expert and both of them cover the major fields of accounting.

Besides, at our institution, we follow personalized teaching methods and provide necessary amenities like recorded classes, seminars, and also affordable EMI facility so anyone can easily start with our courses.

About Skillshort’s Placement

Being one of the top institutions for accounting courses in Kolkata we are connected with multiple companies who actively hire skilled accounting professionals. Therefore, upon completing the course, we can guarantee you placement confirmation.

Our courses are custom-made to make students job-ready. That is why we try to focus on providing live projects so learners can grow the habit of facing challenging situations and coming out of them with their skills. Our team will promptly work to provide you with the most suitable job as soon as your course ends.

Our Mission and

As a reputed institution for accounting courses in Kolkata Skillshort aims to change the landscape of accounting education with a personalized approach and optimum growth hacks.

As a team of professionals, our vision is to mainstream multiple accounting courses that can open up many doors of opportunities in front of our students.

Join Skillshort and redefine your account learning goal with us!