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Personality is often misconstrued with having good looks. Good lookshave nothing to do with personality. Your thought process defines your personality. Your belief has brought you to where you are today and your thinking from this point forward will take to where you will be in future. Personality development is a process to develop one’s thoughts, beliefs, etc. The way you are inside reflects your outside personality. Nowadays, people are more concerned about white-washing their outer look without paying lieu to who they are from inside.

Here are the few tips following which one can improve their personality: – 

  1. Knowing Yourself: – The first step is to know yourself. SWOT Analysis is one of the ways to achieve that. List your strengths and weaknesses. Your career will be more successful if you can identify and manage your weaknesses. The problem nowadays is not many people know about their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Change your habit: – Take a 21 day challenge. It is believed that to form a new habit it takes 21 days. This will surely help you to improve your habits.
  2. Be Positive: – A person is known by the company he keeps. Surround yourself with positive people, read good books and watch motivational videos.
  3. Be calm: – Throw yourself into difficult situations. Try to be calm and learn from the same. This will help you to develop patience and gain confidence.
  4. Improve your Communication skills: – Language doesn’t matter. But the way you communicate can bring lures to you. Stand in front of a mirror and speak up. At the same time, pay attention to your body language and expression.
  5. Public Speaking: – Don’t lose any opportunity to speak yourself out in public. This will take all fear out of you and will make you more confident. Moreover, you can watch TEDx videos to accomplish the same.

Personality plays an important role in today’s life. In every situation, it is your personality that stands yourself out in public. Here in Skill short, Personality Development forms an integral part of the course. It offers a very friendly environment for the students so that students can easily interact with the faculty. Moreover, each student is given equal attention. At the end of each class, students are allowed to express their views and summarize the topic. They need to present the topic given by faculty in the form of PowerPoint Presentation at the end of the course. The structure of the course is as follow: –

  • CV Building: – Your curriculum vitae defines you. The interviewer comes to know about you before you are present in front of him through your cv. Here, we teach you how you can build your cv in a simple and precise manner.
  • Office Etiquettes: – From College life to Office Life, it is a very different journey altogether. In-office, you need to maintain certain decorum. Moreover, you need to handle work pressure and office politics.
  • Interview Session: – Before facing real-life interviews, mock interview sessions are taken by our faculty so that students can face an interview confidently.
  • Mail drafting: – All sorts of communication in the office take place through emails. Drafting email is an art. Here, you are taught about drafting emails in an effective manner.
  • Career Counseling:- At this stage, students are often confused about what career they should opt. At the very beginning, students are asked to list out their strengths and weaknesses and analysis is done by our team to provide them with effective career options.

Skillshort provides you with an opportunity to excel in your career by gaining an insight into your personality at a very affordable cost with proper training by professionals who have experience and expertise in this field.