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Gone are those days when we used to maintain our records manually. Computer plays an important role in our day to day work life. Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program to manage large amounts of data. Excel is used to solve complex mathematical problems, turn raw data into meaningful graphs and charts, analyze data, perform a repetitive task in an automated manner. It is a commonly used spreadsheet program in almost all organizations. Various companies prepare a) Salary Sheet b) Attendance Sheet c) Stock Sheet d) Invoice e) MIS Reports using Microsoft Excel.

Nowadays, organizations rather than going for degree holders, are looking for skillful people who can do the task efficiently. Here, we list six reasons why one should learn Microsoft Excel.

  1. Presentation:- Microsoft excel makes data look more presentable and readable. It allows users to use various forms of formatting options such as Font, Alignment, Format Cells, Format as Table, Conditional Formatting, etc to make data presentable. Moreover, data can be presented using Charts, Sparklines, 3D Maps, etc
  1. Tasks get simpler and easier:- Huge amount of data can be processed easily using Microsoft Excel. It provides a wide range of options such as filter, sorting, pivot table, etc to arrange your data and present them as per your requirements.
  1. Boost Productivity:- As soon as you get friendly with excel, it also provides you with a wide range of short cut keys to complete given task quicker and thus increases your productivity.
  1. Analyzing Data:- In various organizations, excel is used as a data analysis tool to analyze a huge amount of data and calculate effective results.
  1. Formulas:- Rather than going for mathematical calculation manually, Excel provides you with commonly used formulas such as sum, average, min, max, count to do the same.
  1. Job opportunities:- Microsoft excel is an add on to one’s curriculum vitae. Moreover, it is a widely used spreadsheet across various organizations. It increases job opportunities for job seekers.

In Skillshort, accountants are trained by professionally qualified chartered accountants using real-clients data. Microsoft Excel is integrated only with accounting software tally and GST. Nowadays, due to changes in GST Law, reconciliation of GSTR 2A and purchase books need to be done every month. Microsoft Excel plays a vital role in reconciling data using pivot tables. Moreover, data is exported from tally to analyze the same. More attention is paid on using Excel with the help of a Keyboard. Excel Projects are given at regular intervals. The online test is conducted at the end of each class. Back up videos on excel courses are available for future reference. The syllabus of Microsoft Excel is more focused on an area relevant to accountants and businessmen. It is a combination of Basic as well as Advanced Excel. Here, are the list of topics covered:-

  • Overview of Home Tab and Data tab
  • Basic functions such as Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count.
  • Logical Functions such as IF, Nested IF, SumIF, AverageIF, CountIF, etc
  • Text functions such as Concatenate, Upper, Lower, Proper, Left, Right, mid, etc
  • Lookup Functions
  • Pivot Tables

Skillshort provides you an opportunity to excel in your career by gaining an insight into Microsoft Excel at a very affordable cost with proper training by professionals who have experience and expertise in this field.