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Job Ready Course

Job ready course of skillshort is uniquely designed by experienced ca professionals who have industry experience as to what an industry expects from an accountant in business enviornment.

Earn better pay later is a concept where students can pay their training fees after placement from their salary and thus allows one to upgrade skills without investing money from own pocket.

Training is provided by qualified chartered accountants and thus we ensure quality.

We also have a ca firm and thus our students are exposed to real client data with the help of which they learn how to practically file returns and maintain client accounts in tally erp 9

We have an app based online test procedure with the help of which we are able to monitor each student’s performance in various areas and accordingly grade them compared to their fellow batch mates

Home-based projects and practical case studies are also provided to enable them to think differently and apply the concepts learned

Video lectures prepared by our faculty coupled with notes and ppts are also provided to our students through our app based mechanism so that they can retain concepts and refer to them whenever required

We also conduct mock interview sessions to give students the confidence to face job interviews andpersonality development sessions to remove stage fear

We also provide after sale service to our students through our whatsapp group and app

Every update in skillshort’s content is made available to our students at free of cost and thus our students always stay updated with the latest ammendments & regulations

Brief summary of skills upgraded via job ready course: –

  1. Basic accounts- even though students of commerce background have a fair idea of basic accounting concepts but since accounts is the foundation or base of an accountant, we strongly emphasize on journal entries and classification of transactions into expense, income, asset & liability
  2. Tally erp 9- there are n number of accounting softwares that a business can use to maintain accounts but tally is the most renowned &user-friendly accounting software used by majority businesses to maintain their accounts and hence we chose to train our students in tally
    teaching content can be seen in course details
  3. Gst- gst is the new indirect tax system introduced by law. In today’s time every business is concerned with e-filing of gst returns and thus it is a very valuable skill since not many have been able to understand and impliment it correctly.
    We at skillshort provide students with the opportunity to practically e-file gst returns with the help of real client data so that they understand each and every aspect of it like due dates, penalties if not timely filed, data to be entered in each form, verification of data entered, etc
    further we teach e-filing of gst returns, generation of e-way bill with the help of tally erp 9
  4. M.s. Excel- microsoft excel is the most used software for reporting purpose in businesses today. To maintain large amounts of data and to speed up the process of data entry, excel is an excellent software that provides its users with a variety of functions like sorting & filtering, conditional formatting, v-look up, pivot table, if-function that can be used to analyze data and generate reports for management
  5. Tds- tds, a form of direct tax, is applicable to most organizations and is a major compliance burden with huge penalties and interest on failure of timely compliance. Tds compliance is another valuable skill for which organizations are willing to pay a handsome amount. Compliance includes timely deduction of tax, timely payment of tax, timely filing of tds returns, etc
    excel & tally can be used simultaneously to help in smoother execution of tds compliance
  6. Pf & esi- for organizations having more than 20 employees and for employees earning a salary of less than rs. 15,000 it is mandatory for the organization to comply with pf & esi norms. Thus, one need to understand the rules of pf & esi deduction from employee’s salary and employer’s contribution to relevant fund for proper & timely compliance of the same
  7. Personality development session- even after acquiring all these technical skills, one must have the skill to present himself in the best possible way by so that he can bargain a higher pay cheque for himself when negotiating with the employer.
    We at skillshort conduct mock interview sessions and guide our students as to how they can present themselves
  8. Investment foundation-
  9. Financial analysis-